·         Which authority has certified the FX products as Halaal?

o    The FX make-up has been certified by Halal Authority Board (HAB).  Halal Authority Board (HAB) is the trading name of Halal Pioneering Ltd registered in the UK with company number 08451121

o    HAB has produced a transparent all-encompassing Worldwide Halal Standard and a full integrated certification process with leading experts in Islamic Law and Halal meat production industry. It brings together different Halal standards from around the world, giving full assurance to the Muslim consumer that the products are Halal wherever they are in the world.

o    All the FX products that are available through Beauty By Minerals have been certified Halal by the HAB

o    For more information on the HAB, please refer to their website (www.haboard.com)

o   Click here to view the Halaal Certificate for the FX product range.


·         On the Oil free Matt Foundation, Cetyl alcohol is one of the ingredients in the product. What exactly is it and does it still make the product Halaal for me to use?

o    The ingredient Cetyl alcohol is Halaal and has been stringently tested. This is made up of a coconut oil base


1.     What is it? A fatty alcohol (meaning it is an alcohol which comes from fat). It does not behave like a 'real alcohol' for example ethanol or propanol.

2.     Where is it derived from? Commonly coconut oil and palm oil.

3.     How is it made? Cetyl alcohol is made by heating coconut oil with a strong base (for example lye - sodium hydroxide). This process is the same process used to make soap (saponification)


·         Can Wudhu be performed with the make-up already on?

o    The conditions for validity of one's wudhu should still remain in the confinement of what is permissible. We as Muslims are aware of what validates wudhu and what doesn't.  And one of the main principles of a valid wudhu is to have pure water touch the skin and anything that prevents that from happening is not considered valid, and the removal of that which prevents the water from reaching the skin, such as wax and fat.  The same applies to waterproof glue, paint, nail polish, and so forth on the nails or skin: if it prevents water from reaching any part of the nails or skin no matter how small, one’s ablution or purification bath is not valid. 

o    The FX Halaal range does however have water permeable products, and they are listed as follows:

1.     Mineral foundation, blushers and face and body bronzers are water permeable, due to their light consistency

2.     Eye pencils, duo pencils and lip pencils are also water permeable

3.     Mineral shadows are water permeable

4.     Retexturising face primer is water permeable

5.     Blusher palette is water permeable


o    The following products are all non-water permeable products

1.     The black gel liner is not water permeable, as it is a waterproof product hence water cannot penetrate through it

2.     The eye shadow palettes are not water permeable as they will be applied in a thick nature; hence it is not advised to perform wudhu with the eye shadows on.

3.     The lipsticks and the prolong lipwears are not water permeable, as they are designed to be long lasting hence they need to be removed for wudhu

4.     The glitter shadows with solid pieces of glitter are not water permeable, as it results in solid glitter covering the eyes, and water cannot penetrate through.